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World Oceans Month: A Letter From John John Florence


Dear  SWELL,

I’m in the water, everyday. The ocean means everything to me, which is true for all surfers.

We live in the ocean and that also makes us witnesses to the threats our oceans face.  We see and experience the pollution, in the water, and on the littered beaches.

We love the ocean and we all have to protect it. That’s where the Surfrider Foundation comes in.  Surfrider has the largest on-the-ground volunteer network working day in and day out to protect our beaches and save our waves.  So when you support Surfrider you’ll be helping those volunteers to run AND win campaigns that keep our beaches open, water clean and our waves protected.

Before you drop into a wave today on International Surfing Day, support the Surfrider Foundation for all they do to ensure that there are beaches to walk on, clean water to paddle out in and waves to surf.

Join Surfrider today!

Keep surfing,



June is World Oceans Month and we are raising awareness about the increasingly damaging effects that pollution, habitat loss, development and climate change have on our oceans.

Expanding industries such as offshore drilling, renewable energy, shipping and aquaculture are crowding oceans and can encroach on recreational use. The impacts of these competing interests lead to declining ocean ecosystem health and threaten both marine life and the health of surfers and beach goers.

Join Surfrider and support our chapter volunteers all over the globe, as they work to protect and preserve our oceans for all of us.


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