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Face It: Watch Size Guide


Watch yourself…and the size of said watch. Because when it comes to watches, yes, it does matter. So SWELL went ahead and added case (face) sizes to each watch description, so you’ll be able to make that all-important decision with as much info as possible. But let’s face it, depending on your vocation of course, you may not always keep a ruler at arms reach whilst internet shopping. Or maybe you just need visual. Either way, read on and let our watches be your (size) guide….

13mm (or about .5″)
Little face, big style points.
Pictured: La Mer

Just right…or left, depending on your watch hand preference.
37 mm: Nixon Kensington
40 mm: Nixon ‘The Unit 40’
36 mm: Komono Wizard Heritage

Living (not-too) large with a 44mm case.
Pictured: Nixon ‘The Unit’

Go big or go homme.
Pictured: Nixon 51-30 Chrono

Now that you’ve armed yourself with watch size knowledge, check out what’s new at SWELL

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