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Trend Alert: Fall Colors

New Fall Color Trends for 2011
We’re not knocking the neutrals, but sometimes Fall’s fall-back colors make us want to paint the town red..or blue or purple. For a look that’s never dull, fall in love with this season’s colorful trends. Keep your cool with deep blues, make a statement in rusted reds, and make it reign with subdued purple hues.

1. RUSTED REDS: Remove all subtlety and go for a look that yells rebel with bold reds, oranges, and prints that resist the norm. A perfectly complement to Fall’s usual suspects: russet, brown, and tan.

2. DEEP BLUES: For a look that’s never dull…Bring on the heat with must-have pieces that make a statement + keep your cool with casual classics.

3. FADED PLUMS: Get pretty without the pink. Top Fall’s essential list with our favorite color of the season- purple!

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What’s your go-to color this Fall?

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