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You all know Simple right? That nice little shoe company based out of Santa Barbara? Well they’re actually doing big, big things in the sustainable manufacturing arena, putting themselves way ahead of their competitors on the eco-friendly front. Seems like this once stereotypical shoe maker has gone the anti-establishment route by making products with a heavy dose of reality.

Recycled car tires, organic cotton, jute fiber, bamboo, recycled PET bottles, and post-consumer recycled boxes are just a handful of the revolutionary materials Simple uses. (Granola not included.) But they’d be the first to tell you that HOW they make their shoes isn’t nearly as important as WHY they make them.

After launching their first Earth-conscience line in 2005, they have since changed just about everything throughout all their products. And what they learned is that it’s not only possible to reduce the ecological footprint left by shoes, but it’s their duty to do so.

Recently, Simple debuted their latest sustainable creations: The ecoSNEAKS. Cool and contemporary, they prove that just because a shoe is planet-friendly doesn’t mean it has to look like a hippie clodhopper.

And we’re just guessing here, but if you really wanted to, you could probably put them in your pipe and smoke it.




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