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Top 10 Reasons Why We HEART Free People…


1. We’re fairly certain they invented ruffles. 

2. Is it a dress or a shirt? Hmm, guess its BOTH!

3. Buh, bye accessories…Free People has all the accents we need.

4. On second thought…hello accessories…add whatever trinkets your heart desires to these eclectic styles. 

5. It’s luxurious fabrics almost make us want to give up petting puppies. Almost. 

6. Cuts that dare to be daring.

7. It’s a perfect balance of sweet and sassy

8. It’s the kind of socks and tights your mom wouldn’t dare put in your X-Mas stocking. And that’s a good thing.

9. What, Free People makes socks and tights now?! I can die happy. 

10. Free People is now at Swell!

Shop all Free People HERE!

About Free People:

It’s made of sugar and spice and: images of femininity, courage, and spirit. Its exclusive style evokes creativity, confidence and eccentricity. Free People’s style reaches out to every aspect of the free being, from adventurous to sweet to tough to tomboy to romantic. It’s a lifestyle of individual style and liberation: Free People.

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