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celebrity scarves

Welcome to the first installment of Seams That Way, our first featured style column. Here we expose the magic that makes fashion happen. From how-to’s to who’s wearing it to what’s happening next, we go behind the seams to give you the real story. This week we tied one on with our Juniors’ buyers Jill Klein who explained young Hollywood’s obsession with scarves, and the versions that are making them paparazzi worthy.


“Let’s start with our favorite OC homegirl, LC. She’s perfected her own signature style by placing the center of the scarf at her neck, wrapping each side around once, and then having each side drape casually down the front. Totally effortless, but adds distinct chic to your everyday tees and jeans.”

celebrity scarves Jessica Alba

“Our favorite new Hollywood mom, Jessica Alba, really loves her scarves and is known for favoring styles with heavy textures or earthy tones. Jess prefers a more classic approach where the scarf is folded in half length wise, with the ends then threaded through the loop and brought down. This version looks incredibly elegant when worn with coat or cardigan”

celebrity scarves rachel bilson

“Lastly, Rachel Bilson, our other favorite OC alum, can always be counted on for anything of-the-moment. Her trend-setting way has her placing the center of the scarf at her neck, wrapping each side around once and to the front again, and then tying a loose knot to hang at her chest. A little more detailed , but those details go a long way.”

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