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New at SWELL: Richer Poorer Socks Fresh Brand + Win a Week's Worth of Socks

Fresh Brand + Fresher Socks.
Because fresh socks are the best kind of socks…unless of course, Richer Poorer socks are in the running, then those would be the best kind. So new Richer Poorer socks – that’s better than toasted buns at a weenie roast. They’re not the variety that appear in xmas socks…they’re better than that. Way better to be exact. So much better, in fact, that you’ll think twice about only rolling the one pant leg. Cray, cray – we know.
So go forth and celebrate your freedom of expression…through some polka dot socks.
Check it out: Richer Poorer Socks

Want to win a week’s worth of Richer Poorer Socks?
To Enter, visit the Richer Poorer brand page, pick out your top pair, then leave a comment with the style name in the comments below (or you can comment on our Facebook page HERE). Enter by midnight 3/7.
Winner will be announced here tomorrow.

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