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Ahhhh fall. The air is crisp, TV shows are new, and thanks to daylight saving’s, Happy Hour gets moved up to 4pm. Yes, we always seem to be rushing about come autumn. Strolling seems to be so faux pax with so much going on. We’re either heading out, heading home, hitting the road, or hoping we don’t have to get another part-time job for the holidays. With all the new baggage we take on this time of year, it’s no wonder that bags themselves take on a new importance in our lives. The wallets and coin purses of summer are of no use to us now, especially with the onslaught of beanies, scarves, gloves and laptops we need to carry. Come on, we’re just as bummed as you to see summer end. So don’t kill the messenger. Especially when they’re as fierce as the ones here.


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