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Oracle Fox + Billabong: Interview

Introducing…the Oracle Fox + Billabong Collection
Inspired by her art and passion for surfing, this collaboration from blogger Mandy and the Billabong Design Team boasts creative cuts and prints, studded with wanderlust. Seeing as Mandy’s blog, Oracle Fox, is one of my top go-to places for inspiration, I was thrilled to hear about the collaboration! Read on to hear what Mandy has to say about the collection, Oracle Fox, and being a blogger…

SWELL: Why the name OracleFox?
MANDY: Part of the mystery of Oracle Fox is to never reveal the true meaning of the name. What I can say is Oracle Fox is inspired by a living thing which holds a lot of personal significance.
Stay tuned, maybe some day it may be revealed on the blog………….

SWELL: When people first visit your blog, what first impression do you hope they have?
MANDY: I hope that they are inspired by beautiful images, and the creative content that I gather, and photographs from all around the world. I like to portray a feeling of free spirit, individuality and earthiness.

SWELL: What was your first thought when Billabong asked you to collaborate on a collection?
MANDY: At first I didn’t believe the email was from Billabong, and I almost made the mistake of not giving the email the full attention that it deserved. Then when I realized that Billabong Head office really did contacted me I couldn’t believe that the team actually read my blog. I started thinking “oh my gosh, have I posted anything embarrassing that I need to delete off there?”

SWELL: What were some of your inspirations for the collection?
MANDY: Definitely my love of surfing, the ocean, nature and places that I travel to for work, and surfing trips acted as the main source of inspiration for the collection. Parts of my inspiration also come from the colours around me, textures in nature, music, old movies and old pictures in books and magazines.

SWELL: Favorite piece in the collection (if you had to pick just one)
MANDY: One of my favourite pieces from the Billabong collection is the “Loving You Jacket“. This jacket combined the best features from all of my favourite jackets in my wardrobe, and meshed them into one amazing piece.

SWELL: Create a Crayola color name that reflects who you are.
MANDY: I love the deep blue colours of the ocean, going out and dancing with my friends until the early hours, and star gazing at midnight so a crayola colour that would reflect who I am would have to be “Midnight Madness” in deep blue!

SWELL: Your top 3 favorite trends to wear
Classic rock chic` … there’s nothing like worn denim and leather
Bali nights beach wear …………. a sun kissed tan, salt whipped hair, and sheers
Relaxed daywear with edgy twist ………… classic pieces that don’t date worn with heartfelt jewelry

SWELL: Any trend you can’t stand (that you may or may not have worn yourself!)?
MANDY: I don’t know if you have problems with birds attacking you during the nesting season like we do here in Australia, but we have people who wear bike helmets that have sticks poking out of them to deter the swooping birds…… I don’t think you’ll see me in this trend :-)
*Note- search for “magpie helmet” and you’ll see what she’s talking about. Go ahead- do it.

SWELL: If your house caught on fire, what are the top 3 things you’d save?
My dogs, I have a really unhealthy obsession with my dogs Peaches and Zion
Some special pieces of Pamela Love jewelry that Sammy has bought me over time
Definitely my surfboards, although I’d have to pick my favourite as I wouldn’t be able to carry them all out at once!

SWELL: Advice for anyone who is starting a style blog?
MANDY: Be true to yourself and only post content that you really love and reflects who you are and your personality.
Before you start a blog make sure that you are confident that a blog suits you better than a Tumblr, I think Tumblr’s are really on the rise now as well because they are great for image sharing.
Make sure you are happy with whatever you post as anything you post on the internet is permanent, even if you delete it, people will have saved the content and can repost it.

SWELL: Best part about blogging?
MANDY: Is the amazing people that I meet, and the people who write to me everyday continually inspiring me to enhance my creativity.

SWELL: If you didn’t start Oracle Fox, what would you be doing now?
MANDY: I am a professional fine artist, and up until only recently I was exhibiting on a regular basis. At the moment I enjoy incorporating my artwork into collaborations that I do. If I wasn’t blogging I would be immersed again, full time into my painting and drawing.

Check out Mandy’s Collection Here: Oracle Fox + Billabong
Visit Her Blog Here: Oracle Fox

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