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Hurley 2009 Walk The Walk Finals: Us Open


(Hurley Walk the Walk Stage, Huntington Beach Pier)

The 2009 Hurley Walk the Walk Finals proved that some high schools do more than just talk the talk when it comes to original fashion and all-encompassing killer steeze. Hurley’s Walk the Walk is a high-energy, “Project Runway” meets “Battle of the Bands” event that puts high schools around the country head to head. The challenge: to create Hurley fashion showcase that combines creativity and their unique vision to showcase Hurley fashion. The grand prize: $10,000 for their school’s art program and bragging rights for the year.


(Over 100,000 Fans Crowed the South Side of the HB Pier for the 2009 US Open)

Held for the first time on the scorching sands of the Huntington Beach US Open of Surfing, the pressure of 100,000 surf fans added an intense element to the grand finale.


(Huntington Beach HS, bringing some serious school spirit)

This year’s returning victors: Dana Hills, San Clemente, Lincoln, and Fountain Valley. Huntington Beach High was awarded the wildcard spot, but the fierceness of the competition trumped their hometown advantage.

The $10,000 winner: Lincoln High School form San Diego! Not only did their show serve-up a synchronized prom dance that could give any 80’s teen movie a run for its money, but they proved to have brought it on when it came to hyping up the crowd basically and blowing judges’ minds.

Rob Machado and his future fashionista

(Rob Machado and his future fashionista)

All the excitement was hyped up by musical artist and dread aficionado, Murs. Followed all up by a concert from Shwayze. Other noteworthy highlights included a Speedo-clad flags stand of questionable age and an MJ prodigy in the making.


(MJ in the making)

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(I Heart Hurley)

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