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If you’re anything like us, you slammed your Guinness on the ground and fired your gun into the air the minute you heard the trucker hat trend had finally died. (We were having Sunday brunch at Sizzler at the time, so, you know, things got a little crazy.) But wait, what were us pre-mature-male-patterned-baldness-sufferers-to-do? Tah-dah! Enter the post Duba-Duba I favorite: The fedora. Haberdashers of the world unite! Blame it on Matisyahu or the fact that a trucker hat is a mere piece of molded crap encased in mesh, this wise-guy staple is hitting the scene fast and hard. Everyone’s tossing their hat into the ring (sorry) with this one, including a couple of TransWorld Media employees who recently launched Brixton. Y’all better check your head.

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