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We know that in between your musings on viable Middle East exit strategies and standouts in the NFL pre-season, you’ve been wondering what the key denim looks for fall will be. We worry no more, because we’re here to get you dialed in. To nail the trends you gotta think faded, cuffed or colored. A little something for everyone if you will. If you’re still confused, just think of your preferred pastimes. Are you a loadie? Then go for the jeans that are as bleached out as your carpet stains. While other kids were hooked on Spider Man, did you secretly wish that Fonzi was your real dad? By all accounts you should be rocking the rockabilly roll. But if you’re more the type that still dreams you can one day be a roadie for the Crue, then we highly suggest you get yourself into a pair of tighty whities. Well, we hoped we solved you denim dilemma. Next week we debate the ongoing agony of hair gel vs. flat irons.

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