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Healthy Living from SWELL Model, Emily


SWELL model Emily Valdez dishes out some mid-week healthy living inspo….
(pictured: Crochet Dress)

Fun Fit Tip:
Working out is easiest done when you’re having fun; whether it’s swimming, or playing volleyball, or kicking a soccer ball around. Just keeping your heart rate up is the goal!There always is a time and place for the gym but it’s so much more enjoyable when you can get exercise and have fun too.
My roommate makes fun of me because whenever I clean the apartment I wear ankle weights; just the little things done regularly can make a difference.

Favorite Easy & Healthy Recipe:
Wasa crackers (can get from Ralph’s or Whole Foods) with avocado, a slice of cheese (I like Munster or Havarti) and if you’re feeling like adding some flavor, add chili sauce. I absolutely love this treat and it’s pretty low cal too!

Tip For Staying Healthy On Long Work Days:
I like to bring Luna or Clif bars with me and also maybe pack a little bag of veggies; just to keep sustained and not snack on junk food. Also, I like to drink a ton of water! On set there is a lot of activity; constantly moving, changing, etc, so it’s important to stay hydrated.

Favorite Inspirational Quote:
“You only regret the workout you don’t have.”
Super inspiring; no matter how much you don’t want to have a workout, it’s true. The best part is when it’s done, you are always happy you made the effort.

Thanks Emily for the Inspo!

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