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Surf Training with Taj

Taj was stoked to have the ASP title back in his homeland, but very disappointed that he wasn’t the one to take it from Ke11y.  Watch Taj and trainer Johnny Gannon at his home in Yalingup, West Oz, making serious preparations for a run at the world title in 2013.

Taj’s Tips:
-Throw a twist into your sit-ups: Olique exercises are key to power snaps
-Focus on fast-twitch muscles: Explosive reps with medicine balls breeds hi-performance maneuvers
-Hydrate often & refuel with protein within 30 minutes of your workout for max results

taj train surf
Taj Surfs In:
Billabong Striker Boardshorts
5’10” Lost Whiplash Shortboard
Billabong Evolve Surf tee

With surf contest prize purses exceeding $500K, every pro works with trainers, and Johnny Gannon is the best is the biz. Along with Taj’s daily regiment and top notch gear, he powers up with that pre-surf smoothie seen in the vid.

Here’s the Recipe:
1 cup organic soy milk or Almond milk
2 Eggs
500ml coconut water or filtered water, cold
1/2 Avocado
1 banana (preferably frozen)
maca powder
1 heaped tsp ground flax seeds/chia seeds (or a combination)
5 ice cubes
1 heaped tsp maca powder
3 heaped spoons of protein powder

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