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Coachella Lineup Countdown: The Neighbourhood


When The Neighbourhood released their first hit “Female Robbery”  no traces of them could be found online,  no photos, no biographical info or backstory of this mysterious and amazing band.  They only had vocals and a twisted music video as proof.

Jesse Rutherford – Singer. Jeremy Freedman – Guitar. Zach Abels – Guitar. Mikey Margott – Bass. Bryan Sammis – Drums

With tattoos, leather jackets and white tees, these five guys are bringing back a greaser meets British punk look we know we’ve missed. Front man, Jesse Rutherford, wears funky shades, can be found with a toothpick in the corner of his mouth, and just so happens to be a former underground hip-hop artist.  But Fo Real?!

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Despite the British spelling of the band’s name, all five guys hail from super suburbia Newbury Park (about 30 minutes north of LA) and have a special bond that growing up together will create.  They’ve only been around since early 2012 but have more than a talent scouts favorite word; “promise.” See them live at the Empire Polo Field at Coachella 2013. Or if you aren’t one of the lucky thousands that are going to Coachella, check them out at the infamous El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on April 16th. You’ll be entranced by their sound that has a mix atmospheric indie rock, electronica, hip-hop beats and pop-like/R&B-ish vocals.



Every once in a while a new band comes along and you’re pleasantly surprised by their ability to be unique and enthralling in a world where it’s so easy to sound like that other guy. I personally know I’m hooked when I find myself looking for a date of when I can be submerged into their live sound and all before they become too mainstream. I then continue to look through their website, prowl their twitter and instagram and all while I’m listening/watching every video on their YouTube channel. I’m hooked like a teenage girl with a high school crush and clearly borderline a stalker.

The Neighbourhood just happens to be my newest victim.

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