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“I encourage you to stay in (Central America) until something that resembles death.” – Sean Penn to Allan Weisbecker.

Bad ass! If Spicoli were to tell us anything even close to that we would drop dead right then and there a very satisfied individual. But if we were Allan Weisbecker, we’d just add it to the other notches on our long, weathered belt where dope running, screen writing, world traveling, A-list hob-nobbing, and award winning memoir-writing are all in a day’s work. sits down with the infamous Weisbecker (author of Cosmic Banditos, In Search of Captain Zero, Can’t You Get Along With Anyone: A Writer’s Memoir and a Tale of a Lost Surfer’s Paradise) to get the lowdown on his soon-to-be-released major motion pictures, doing time on Miami Vice, and the Hollywood machine.

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