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With the hundreds of invites that come across our desk each week, it’s rare if we can find an event we’d actually want to attend. Lately it’s been too much brah this and bro that. (It’s a miracle most of us aren’t wearing arm slings for all the self back-patting that’s been going on.) However, we were happy to hear about Roxy’s Studio Exhibition at The Surf Gallery in Laguna Beach. Featuring the works of their studio artists Jenny Bowers (London), Jeff Canham (San Francisco), Harry Daily (San Diego), Julie Goldstein (Long Beach Island), Greg Lamarche (New York), Rob Ryan (London), Rachell Sumpter (San Francisco) and Kate Sutton (London), the show will run from October 17 through November 1. We’ll be checking it out as soon as we can console our jilted TiVo.

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