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“Stay analog Ponyboy. Stay analog.” In this troubled digital age, it does a weary heart good to know there’s a group out there who’s mission is to document our world through kinder, gentler means. Boasting more that a million members world wide, The Lomographic Society International is dedicated to building the largest snapshot portrait of everyday world events, thereby “revolutionizing picture communication.” Insomuch, they have recently introduced two custom, limited edition White Stripes cameras: The JACK Holga and the MEG Diana. Both known for their “serendipitous imperfections and cinematic qualities,” the cameras follow the band’s red and white color schemes and even boast a peppermint swirl on the advance dials. Due to a frenzy of interest and the collectible nature of the cameras, LSI asks that purchases be limited to only one per person. Which of course begs the question, “If we take a picture, will it last longer?”

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