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Rosie, Rosie, Rosie. We can remember the exact moment we first saw you. It was a warm day, Lamb of God was on the iPod, and Surfline was on the screen. It had been a boring morning up until then, but as we reached for the Hurley Spring ’08 catalog from the teetering pile on our desk, there you were. Our life hasn’t been the same since. You were all smiles and squeaky clean, posed in some cheerleader stunt jump we hadn’t seen since junior high (not that we would hold the against you). It was like watching Saved By The Bell again for the first time. So you can imagine how overjoyed we were to see that Hurley had posted a link to your myspace page in their blog. And what a page it is! So full of life and audio and video and YOU! All joking aside, it’s about the coolest things we’ve seen any company create for one of their models, and truly shows the positive capabilities of a social networking site. So cheers to you Rosie Whatsyourface, it looks like the polish on your bloom is here to stay.

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