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DIY: Scarf Tank How to tie a scarf into a racerback tank

Did this scenario happen to you? You’re flipping through the May SWELL Catalog and spotted a super fun red, white and blue vest on page 26. But where’s the vest?!
Well too bad, you can’t buy it. But you CAN buy the scarf we used to make it (in about 33 seconds). Our stylist is the Houdini of scarf how-to’s, no biggie. Lucky for you, this style magician is willing to share her tricks. Read on for instructions on how to tie your scarf into a vest (or a  belted cover-up/dress)…

Patriotic Scarf
L*Space Bikini (bottom is reversible, solid side shown)

How To: Tie a Scarf into a Vest:
Step 1: Fold the scarf in half widthwise.

Step 2: Tie the top corners together (leave the bottom corners untied).

Step 3: Grab the top center of the scarf (at the fold), and incorporate that piece into the tie. Now you have the top corners and center edge tied together at the top.

Done! Pick up the scarf and you’ll notice that you’ve created two holes at the top. Put your arms through the holes and voilà, vest!

The tie will sit at your upper/center back

Cover-Up/Dress: add a belt at the waist for a flowy dress (we’d recommend layering it over a bodycon dress or bikini)

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