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Just the Tips: Wetsuit Care Respect Your Rubber With Preventative Maintenance & Everyday Know-How


Be patient when taking your suit on and off you dont want balloon up like the Michelin Man . Remember when putting on a zipper-less suit, roll it down like a pair of sock before stepping into it.  Also, respect your rubber with a changing mat.


Avoid the dreaded flushing of frigid water down your back. This is caused by stretching out the neck hole while hanging. Also, flush that suck with fresh water and avoid direct sunlight.


Most Velcro closing suits have a little fuzzy patch to attach the rough end  while storing.


A kooky suit sticks out like a pop-out. The boys at SWELL are all rocking Xcel Drylocks this season.


While smooth skin resists wind and water, it’s susceptible to nicks and tears.

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