Volcom Fiji Pro 2012
June 6, 2012

Volcom continues their “Destroy Boredom” campaign by bringing back the Tavarua event to the WCT. After political instability discontinued the Globe Fiji Pro in 2009, the tour was in desperate need for the perfection of pumping Cloudbreak and Restaurants.

As foretasted, the contest kicked off with solid 6-8 foot surf  and the world title race ensued with standouts like Slater, Julian and Media getting puked out of near perfect tubes, and Darkhorse Volcom wildcard Mitch Coleborn scoring a buzzer beater double-barrel. The Volcom Webcast keeps putting the fun in FUNction with their classic antics from Alex Grey, Chris Cote, Richard Woolcott and a whole sideshow of Volcom Entertainment.

Watch the live feed  to witness history at volcomfijipro.com, and enjoy the mind-blowing highlights below from the opening day of competition.

To commemorate the return of Tavi to the tour, Volcom created a signature high performance boardshort.The 4-way stretch fabric was tested and developed by Bruce Irons in hellish surf where flexible fabric was the difference between glory or agony. Get a dose of pure FUNction here.