Tunes: Steph Gilmore’s Official Playlist Here's what the World Champ listens to.
April 5, 2017

Stephanie Gilmore, the name certainly is no secret. One of the most successful and accomplished surfers in the sports history, the six times World Champ and current Women’s World Tour leader lives the dream by perfect example, dominating every line up she paddles into while evenly spreading her fun loving, gypsy love and lifestyle throughout every destination she arrives at around the world.

On the road, in the sky or exploring new (or by now, very familiar) zones for most of every year, one remedy that keeps her focused, amped and ready for the next challenge or adventure is music. She’s said it before, she loves it. The cultural aspects that come with different genres, the memories certain songs remind her of and that feeling it gives when her either when she wants to unwind down or turn it up, music is something that fits her personality to a tee!

We know what you are thinking…”What does she listen to though!?” Well, we’ve got the exclusive insight into what goes on inside those earphones. Join us and tune in, put your feet up and ease into her favorite tunes!

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