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Movie Premier | Volcom’s “True To This” Evidence From The World Tour Kick Off Party at Volcom HQ

An epic film deserves an epic party and not even the torrential rains, thunderstorms and power outages could stop that from happening. 5000 people crammed into Volcom HQ Costa Mesa up to get a first look at the film, party with the volcom team and rock out to the sounds of Dahga Bloom and Church of Sun. Five hours and 50 kegs later just about everyone agreed it was one of the best premieres they had ever been to. Watch the Making of below

Volcom’s entire boarding team posing for a Family photo. Get the core veeco gear from the pros at SWELL

It was one of those heavy flicks movies that made you want to go straight line the biggest hill in town.
The Boys from Catchsurf & SWELL competing for biggest savage award.

Kai Dusty & Zeke representing for Volcom Hawaii

The New Volcom HQ Skatepark turned Movie Theatre

TTT_ Captain_t_wrecksThe Aftermath

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