Transport To Trestles -Essential Gear for Beating the Pack to the Peak at the Yosemite of Surfing
August 6, 2013


Dion Agius, Warren Smith and many Lowers locals maximize their wave count by biking to the beach.
Here are a few photos and a gear guide for making the trek to Trestles:

Parking can be a bigger pain than the paddle, since street spaces are usually packed. You can shell out $15 in the state park lot next to Carl’s Jr. or do like Dion (top) by parking and pedaling from the residential zone.

Head west over the freeway and take the trail head left down the hill. Prepare to share the trail with skaters, runners and clueless kooks who unconsciously clothesline kids with their Wavestorms. Watch out for speed-wobbles and sandy surfaces, the trail has claimed many boards and left many bruises.


When the trail splits, take a right for Uppers and Cottons or a left to Lowers and Churches.

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Hit the beach and enjoy the progressive playground of the world best surfers. The Hurley Pro Trestles comes to San Clemente on September 15-21 where the world’s top 32 surfers all take their locally shaped Lost Mayhem Surfboards.


Trestles Transport Gear Essentials