Trend Alert: Kimono Tops Sheer, Kimono-Inspired Tops for Winter
October 23, 2011

Every time I find a new style trend I tend to get very excited and want to buy anything and everything associated with that trend immediately! Well, my most recent was no different. I spotted our assistant women’s buyer, Kylie, wearing this Kimono inspired-fringed-sweater-top thing. (I fall in love with anything fringe.) Well she told me that we [SWELL] were going to start carrying some very lust-worthy kimono styles this winter season and some very reasonable priced ones at that. My first though: “START SAVING ALL YOUR MONEY!” Looks like the wait was well worth it…they’ve finally arrived….and are even more fun than I imagined. I think you’ll enjoy them as well. Read on for a list of my top picks.

My Favorite Kimono Tops:

Featured above:
Spare Apache Coverup (featured at the top of the page)
Billabong Side Street Shirt
Spare Mykonos Coverup
Spare Jaipur Coverup

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I think it’s safe to say Kylie was my week’s style inspiration.