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Style + Travel Guide: Santiago, Chile Travel Post by Guest Blogger, Leah.

Our final stop on our adventure in Chile was Santiago. Santiago is a very modern city with a large population and is completely surrounded by the Andes mountains. From almost every point in the city you can see the snowcapped Andes, which made us excited to get up to the snow! We walked around the city exploring the many sites, restaurants, and one of the largest malls in the world. My favorite outfit during my urban adventures consisted of skinny black jeans, my fringe sweater, and a fedora. This was a casual, yet stylish outfit that was comfortable to walk in and perfect for the cool nights. I love the boho vibe of this sweater and felt it went great with all the brightly colored buildings of Chile.
After a couple days in the city we decided to venture up the mountain and end our trip with snowboarding. We actually managed to drive up the mountain, snowboard until dark, and then hop on our flight home all in one day!
Keep reading for tips on where to sleep in Santiago, shop in the city, and where to snowboard in the Andes!553477_519891231423631_1042147662_n

Where to sleep:
Santiago is full of great hotels, but the one we stayed at was modern, had cozy rooms, free breakfast, and unlimited wifi! It was called Hotel Gen and was located in the heart of the city. It was walking distance from many amazing restaurants and shopping centers!

Where to shop:
There is no shortage of amazing stores in Chile. The mall I absolutely loved is also the biggest mall in South America! If you ever visit Santiago look for the tallest building and drive toward it, because it is there you will find every store imaginable. That is actually where I scored my overalls that were featured in my last travel post!

Where to snowboard:
El Colorado is the closest ski/snowboard resort to Santiago. It has amazing runs and the best snow! We brought our Go-Pro and got some epic videos and pictures! If you are traveling to Chile do not leave before visiting the Andes, it is one of the most amazing sights you will ever see!

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