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Style + Travel Guide: Viña del Mar, Chile Travel Post by Guest Blogger, Leah.

Just two hours north of Pichilemu is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the world. Viña del Mar has the beach and surf culture wherever you look. Reñaca is a famous beach break where we spent most of our time surfing. During any time of day at Reñaca you will see all the best Chilean surfers in the line up. My dad was given the opportunity to coach the Chilean National Surf Team and give them some advice on being better competitors. It was awesome meeting all the Billabong Chile team riders and seeing how the brands we have here in the States have made such an impact in other beach communities all around the world. Besides the surfing, there are all kinds of fun cafes, stores, and sandy beaches to lay on all day long. I brought my new camo jacket that perfectly complimented my overalls and striped crop top. This outfit definitely made a statement when walking along the boardwalk and helped me stay warm while still looking “cool.” My scarf (pictured below) added the perfect pop of color to my outfit and was even an awesome beach blanket for me to relax on while watching all the guys surf heats out in the water… oh and did I mention that we saw a few penguins while surfing?!


Read on for tips on where to bum it, find healthy bites, and snooze!

Where to bum it:
Reñaca is definitely the beach to be at, with good waves, white sand beaches, and tropical palm umbrellas lining the edge of the water, Reñaca is a paradise for surfers and sun bathers alike.

Where to find some healthy bites:
You don’t have to move far from your beach towel to grab some healthy snacks. All along the beaches of Viña del Mar are all glass, eco-looking buildings that are full of fresh fruit, tropical smoothies, avocado sandwiches, and yummy salads… a vegan’s heaven!

Where to snooze:
The homes in Viña del Mar are built into the cliffs, giving them amazing views of the city and beaches. Many of these homes are bed and breakfast inns that offer affordable rates and are located right on the beach! This one (pictured above) was my personal favorite and it was just steps away from the sand at Reñaca.

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