Style + Travel Guide: Pichilemu, Part II Travel Post by Guest Blogger, Leah.
August 12, 2013

I was so in love the vibrant and fun town of Pichilemu that I decided to extend my stay by few days. During this time I was able to explore the other stunning beaches and find more fun surf spots. While walking the dirt roads of Pichilemu I found some awesome places to enjoy a local bite and even some cafes that served tea with an ocean view. The weather along the Chilean coast this time of year is pretty chilly (pun intended!). Because of this, I had to leave the kimonos and shorts at home. Instead I had to find cute, stylish clothes versatile enough for a beach and surf trip in a cold climate. This thermal was perfect for keeping me warm, without comprising style. I threw on some boyfriend jeans and a beanie to complete the look. This outfit was darling while also practical enough for discovering new cafes, stores, and views of my favorite beaches in Pichilemu.
(Pictured: Billabong Thermal)

Read on for my tops picks for surfing and munching…

Where to surf:
Punta de Lobos is a world class wave and every surfer’s dream, however if you are like me and prefer smaller, less intimidating waves I found the perfect spot! When you first enter Pichilemu there is a street that takes you right down to the sand. It is here that you will find a colorful fruit stand in front of one of the most fun waves for the less professional to surf!

Where to eat:
If you have never heard of empanadas and are traveling to Chile (with several guys who surf all day) rest assured you will be eating them for almost every meal. Empanadas are great for those who don’t mind lots of cheese, grease, and meat, they are cheap and will FILL you up! Being a vegan I had to pass these up, but I found several produce stands that sold every kind of fruit and vegetable you can imagine and they would even juice and make smoothies for you if you asked! Yerba Mate is a very popular drink in Chile so you can sit down, relax, and enjoy a stunning view at one of the many ocean front cafes that serve this yummy tea.
– Leah

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