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Style + Travel Guide: Pichilemu, Chile. Travel Post by Guest Blogger, Leah.

Once we reached Chile, the first place we set up camp was a darling beach town called Pichilemu. The drive to Pichilemu was absolutely mesmerizing as we drove along the perfect Chilean coastlines. The moment we arrived in Pichilemu we checked the waves at the world renowned surf spot, Punta de Lobos. Every day we spent in this coastal haven we ran down to check the waves and usually spent at least three hours of our morning there as the guys did not want to get out. We then went into town to grab food and usually spent the rest of the day exploring the coastlines and sometimes even squeezed in another surf at Punta de Lobos.
Read on for a where to adventure, rest + shop in Pichilemuchile4

One of my favorite outfits during my trip included comfortable lounge pants, a graphic tee, and a beach hat. These were all perfect for sitting on the beach, cruising the town, and running through the unexplored forests and fields of Pichilemu.

There were so many places to adventure to in Pichilemu, here are a few of my favorites:

Where to adventure:
There is one road in and out of Pichilemu that runs along the coast, if you go about three miles south, past the main town you will discover one of the most amazing beaches with great waves, amazing cliffs to explore, and perfect fields to dream in.

Where to rest:
We stayed in a cabaña right on the beach overlooking Punta de Lobos. If you are planning visiting Pichilemu search for “Loica Cabañas in Pichilemu” and you will find some amazing little casitas to rent!

Where to shop:
There are little markets on almost every street corner full of handmade ponchos, moccasins, hats, and almost everything bohemian you could ever dream of!

Check back next week for more loving on Pichilemu and a list of my favorite places to eat and surf!

Shop the Look:
Billabong Tee
Sunflower Pants
Felt Hat

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