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Wish We Were Here: San Francisco, Part I A Mini Travel + Style Guide with Guest Blogger Leah.

This past week I ventured up to San Francisco on a mini getaway to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. I love the beach life, but absolutely love traveling to the city every once in a while. San Francisco is especially magical during this time of year with giant Christmas trees and wreaths that can be seen all along the harbor and throughout the city. Our first two days were spent in the heart of this lively, fun city. Here are some of my tips if you are wanting to visit…
(Pictured: Glamorous Vegan Leather Harem Pant)1479540_574661625946591_1643802022_n

What to wear:
I packed lots of warm clothes since it always seems to be cooler than Southern California at anytime during the year. My favorite outfit while walking the streets of downtown San Francisco were these vegan leather harem pants, a muscle tee, fluffy sweater, and some converse high tops. Not only was a warm and comfortable, but I felt like a little city style muse walking across the streets with my baggy vegan leather pants and converse. I also think a cute trucker hat would look amazing with this getup!

Where to walk to:
Chinatown is always fun to visit and there is no shortage of cute shops with all kinds of perfect little handmade goods. Everything is cheap and unique so if you want to collect some one of a kind treasures this is a great place to go… not to mention the street décor makes for some awesome photos!

Where to eat:
One of the nights we walked through the financial district and made our way down to the Embarcadero. Here there are all kinds of great places to eat with views of the amazing bay bridge (that currently has lights on it for Christmas) This was definitely one of my favorite places as it is on the water and has some of the most beautiful views of the city and bay.

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