Top Tweets of the Week: Holiday Surf Banter
January 6, 2012

A weird week in the surf world brought us unseasonably epic weather and surf, but an untimely loss of a legend.  Read what our favorite folks to follow had to say over the holiday, and keep up with SWELL’s steady stream of twitterrhea.

With heavy hearts we must announce that Sean Collins, Surfline’s founder, president & chief forecaster has passed away.

We all owe Sean Collins a debt of gratitude for opening the doors to one of the most elusive wonders of the world… good waves. His untimely passing took a huge toll on the surfing world, and the gift of Surfline he left behind will be daily reminders of his greatness.

Celebrate his life at the memorial paddle out, Sunday, January 8th at 11AM. Throw flowers from the pier or suit up and enjoy the waves.

I’m pretty much surfing’s version of Tim Tebow…except the winning, God and not getting laid parts.

Impostor or not, @Daynolds’  “blunt” honesty and humorous self portrayal explains why Dane Reynolds is the 5th most talked about surfer in the media. But how can a guy bite the hand that feeds him, quit the tour, and still land 7 figure contracts? Well, maybe we’re all sarcastic punks who glorify apathy, and destined to grow musty neckbeards.

Just looked at the @ long range forecast and looks like waves for weeks! So niceee!!
brett simpson

If you don’t live in Ca, I apologize in advance because the slow start to winter now has a full head of steam on a crash course for the west coast. They even had to reschedule Sean Collins’ memorial paddle out due to the surf advisory…ironic.

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Vote for surf shot of the year. I pick Jeremy after having a good look. I had this wave if he missed it! 1st photo.
Kelly Slater

If you get Slater’s vote, there’s a good chance J-Flo gets the nod for Surfer Magazine’s best wave of the year.  Jeremy’s medical bills also might speak to his big wave credentials around the world.

The Sea Shepherd crew has intercepted the Japanese whaling fleet on Christmas Day!
Sea Shepherd

With the Sea Shepherds patrolling our seas the friendly cetaceans got to take a holiday break from the Nishi Maru whaling fleet . Follow these vigilantes on twitter for exciting updates as they make human prey out of poachers worldwide.

Just got caught inside by a 50+ wave at an outer reef. Happy to be alive and back on the beach.
Kala Alexander

If you havent seen the Jan 4 paddle session at Jaws, watch Kala on his big red gun. He commits to some metal drops and almost gets puked out of a 20ft tube. His new sled turned to foam dust, but we’re glad @Kaladacaptain survived.