This Year’s Top 5 Surf Films – The Must Have Surfing DVD’s
November 14, 2011

With so many amateur video segments popping up all over the internet, it can be truly refreshing when you do finally stumble across a good surf flick. While I enjoy me a good browsing of Marine Layer Productions or the occasional grainy live feed from the ‘CT, there is something to be said about popping a DVD into your player and savoring a crisp, high definition production. Fortunately, this year surf video connoisseurs were able to chew on some pretty tasty video titles. From progressive to artistic and postmodern to just plain fun, here are the top 5 flicks that got us frothing and why.


1) Kai Neville – Lost Atlas:

WHY: Two words: Kai Neville. His first project Modern Collective became the undisputed must-have, cult video of modern surfing. Lost Atlas is equally, if not more, impressive than his first. For this film Kai gathered the original 6 Mod Col crew, a handful of other equally impressive surfing maniacs, and let them loose on a free surfing frenzy. The video is a cocktail of big airs and trash talking yarns set to an incredible soundtrack and stunning visuals. If you had to buy 1 DVD this year, this is it.

Of course, Lost Atlas is available at SWELL!

2) Globe Presents – Year Zero:

WHY: Mad Max meets high performance surfing? Hell yes!! Shot entirely in vivid 35mm film, this one of a kind video features Globe’s impressive surf team tearing up a gritty, post-apocalyptic world. The lifestyle scenes are subtle, yet intoxicatingly vibrant and fun. Plus who doesn’t want to watch Taj and Ceej get barreled with gorgeous ladies in the foreground? Well done Globe!

Of course, Year Zero is available at SWELL!


3) Captain Fin Co. – Be Cool Man:

WHY: This film is pure entertainment. It’s a visual collage of interesting sights and sounds that’s somehow held together with a duct tape and glue. It features the world’s most stylish surfers logging, skating, motorcycle riding, and just plain having a good time. Makes you want to grab a 9+ board and cross step your way to the nose. Not a fan of longboarding? No worries, this film features a sick end segment of Dane Reynolds tearing the spine out of some of west coast waves.

Of course, Be Cool Man is available at SWELL!


4) Red Bull House Media – The Art of Flight

WHY: I know, this is not a surf movie, but it is well worthy of mention. On sheer production value and cinematography alone this film is one of a kind in the action sports world. Take the unbelievably expensive camera equipment used to shoot a major motion picture and bring it to some of the most remote locations in the world. Then film the world’s best snowboards flying down near vertical precipices and you will get the Art of Flight. It is incredible. Not convinced? Watch the trailer and you will see why.

Of course, The Art of Flight is available at SWELL!


5) Mikey DeTemple – Sight | Sound

WHY: This isn’t your average surf movie. It’s a more soulful look at the sport through the lens of pro longboarder Mike DeTemple. While it might not get you aerial junkies psyched, this film takes classic approach to the sport that is both unique and enjoyable even for those who don’t surf. The soundtrack is spot on and will get you pumped to travel and surf.

Of course, Sight | Sound is available at SWELL!



Didn’t see your favorite 2011 film on here? Let us know in the comments section and we might just add it to the list.