This Old Man Skates Faster Than You!
October 8, 2011
Sea Shepherd Skateboard

Victor is old School, I mean real old school. He’s been skating for nearly 58 years, longer than most of us have even been alive. With a big ol’ grey beard and scraggly hair on his dome piece, he’s a rare type of gent to find in any sport let alone downhill skating. Check out his latest vid from Sector 9 where he’s cruising at dangerously fast speeds in his signature t-shirt over the knee crouched stance. He shows all us whipper snappers a thing or two about bombing hills.

Now that you’ve seen Victor do it, grab yourself a skate from Sector Nine and start drawing your own lines. Just remember to ride within your limits… Victor here’s got more experience than you do days on this earth. Plus if he falls he doesn’t have to worry about knocking out his teeth as I’m assuming he wears dentures. Kidding, but seriously this guy’s a legend and give him a high 5 if you see him around.

Also Check out the New Sector Nine X Sea Shepherd Collaboration skates.

Sea Shepherd Skateboard

Ride in style as if you were on the SS Steve Irwin yourself with these new Limited Edition completes. Portion of the proceeds go on to help the Sea Shepherds and their fight against whaling. So grab grab yourself one, the whales will thank you!