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Surfers Do The Harlem Shake

As the Harlem Shake obsession winds down with over 9 million seizure inducing Youtube videos produced, we’re taking one last look at surfers who swallowed their pride to spastically shook their stuff.

Team Oakley has some of the best personalities on tour with Seabass, Jordy and J-Dub. So the boys got loose for this rowdy rendition at their annual BBQ during the Quiky Pro on the Goldy. See who else you can spot in the Oakley party pad.

Neff made the grade for posting their workplace Harlem Shake before it all jumped the shark after Al Roker’s. Enjoy trying to peel your eyes away from the beautiful beast of a shirtless Neff worker in front.

The Best in Skate goes to the crew at 316 Skatepark in Cape Hatteras. Celebrating their grand re-opening with a “suspenseful” rendition of the then trend. Get your park needs here.

Lastly, the SWELL crew mustered up just enough liquid courage to shoot a 6 second Vine video late one Saturday night. Enjoy Toucan Spangler and the SWELL tail shakers.

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