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Summer Party Inspo: The Slip ‘N Flip

Lookin to throw a barn burner bash for the 4th? Ramp up your slip ‘n slide style by adding a quarter pipe, and I promise people will be losing their minds and their voice screaming down your Slip ‘n Flip.

Here’s how us SWELL thrillbillys threw the best pool party ever while attending Cal Poly SLO.

***Warning: gnarly bodily injury is inevitable…but worth it in our case*** 


slip_suppliesDough-Boy Pool -Above ground pool with soft coping, placed on soft grass surface

Quarter Pipe or Kicker Ramp -Avoid ramps with vertical transitions

Plastic Sheeting -4mm thick x 3 ft wide. Length depends on runway

Roll of Carpet or Padding -For a smooth soft sliding surface

Plywood -For serious sliders who want a rapido runway

Garden Hose –Keep the slide slick and cool with an on/off hose nozzle


Judging Distance

The construction of your Slip’N Flip depends on the topography and available supplies. Our yard provided enough running start and downhill slope for us create a 4 ft gap between the ramp and pool. If you have less room to work with, create less of a gap. We also adjusted our running speed after overshooting the pool. Spare mattresses come in handy while calibrating.


If your ramp has too much vert, angle it back towards the pool and adjust the flat transition to meet flush with the runway. Test the flight path by rolling down a basketball to see if you’re headed for pool for the ER.

slip n run

Nail or staple the plastic sheet flush to the plywood on the outer base, not on the actual slide route.


Once you have the distance locked in, throw in some rotations


…or some pool toys

slip n party

The Slip ‘n Flip always attracts an audience, so stay stylish with sunny summer party gear at SWELL


slip n palm


SLIP AMPH ave a safe and slippery summer

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