The Best Tacos in Laguna Beach SWELL's Guest Blogger Hits The Coast For a Culinary Quest to Find the Top Tacos
February 27, 2013

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This is Destination Taco: a town-to-town expedition of all things cradled in a tortilla and known as a taco. I begin in my hometown of Laguna Beach to find out who’s serving up the sexiest tacos and share the experience.  As SWELL’s guest blogger, I will be rating and awarding each experience accordingly on a scale of 1-5 Cleavers. Why cleavers, you ask? Because they look cool and anything close to a sombrero would be considered racist. So here we go – get excited.


Adolfo's - Laguna Beach

When I began planning this piece, there was no question in my mind about including Adolfo’s, it’s a true Laguna institution among locals. This family owned & operated restaurant has been serving up authentic Mexican meals for decades. I can’t tell you how many summer days of my youth started on the beach and ended here.

Verdict: I don’t know what makes these tacos so amazing and at times comforting, but I keep coming back for more; whether I’m tired or hungry, hungover or sick, Adolfo’s has a way of making the day better. Asada - Laguna Beach

Asada is the new guy to the group with only being open for the past 18 months, but make no mistake, they’re cooking to stay for good. With a price point that sits at the top of my list, these tacos are masterfully planned and crafted to almost overlook the bill and indulge.

Verdict: This is not another over-priced Mexican restaurant, pushing out obnoxious twists on simple classics. Where the presentation was a little lackluster, the depth of flavor is incredible – combine that with the beautiful design and impressive bar,  Asada adds another great option to the Laguna Beach taco scene. Las Brisas - Laguna Beach

Now I’ll admit that Las Brisas is not on my regular radar for getting my taco fix but it really is a classic Laguna Restaurant that has been shelling out tacos since before I was a twinkle in my Dad’s eye.

Verdict:  The staff hustles very hard to make it work with the crowds and they do a great job.  Despite the tourist-trap prices, the incredible panorama views of Laguna and Pacific, the 1950s tile reminiscent of its glory days – Las Brisas earns 3 cleavers in my book.  If you’ve never been, go, be patient with the Disneyland-esque crowds, and enjoy.La Sirena - Laguna Beach

La Sirena has become a place that just feels like home to me. When you walk in you’ll notice real Laguna families enjoying what I consider the best Mexican food in town. They’ve created a culture known as “Mex-Eco” by focusing on locally sourced organic food and doing it in a way that’s not shoved down your throat.

Verdict: With consistently awesome food and a recent remodel that bought the addition of an amazing craft beer selection, this place will never do you wrong. I urge you to find this place, hang out, watch an Angel’s game, and enjoy it all.

As I wrap up this project, I can’t help but think of the places I left off the list: Coyote Grille, Taco Loco, Papa’s Tacos, Laguna Feast, The Beach House, and the new girl Carmelita’s. So that in mind, use this as a starting point and explore Laguna, find out how awesome it is and let me know what town Destination Taco should hit up next. Eat well, drink up, & adios!