Taj Wins the Hurley Pro Trestles
September 19, 2013
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Taj Burrow won the Hurley Pro at Trestles in a hard-fought final over fellow Australian Julian Wilson at Lower Trestles. The Hurley Pro at Trestles victory marks Burrow’s first ASP WCT win this season and 12th of his career. Burrow’s win came at the hands of an action packed match up, with the two Australians delivering a series of exciting exchanges in the high-scoring final. While Wilson would put together multiple combinations on the Lowers rights, Burrow’s high-scores were found via both a powerful backhand attack on a wedging left and a lengthy right hand runner.

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Big Jordy not stoked on the small waves

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T.Knox keeping everyone super tuned up with his new brew, St Archeriphone 010 Tre_Cool

Joy Riding: Tre-Cool of Greenday a nd Brand Faber of Roarkiphone 044 iphone 040

Julian rinses down his countryman
iphone 026T.Sherms and Dave of SWELL in the VIP