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January 10th, 2012 | By | 3,311 Comments

Elastic Waistband Drawstring Boardshorts -Back in Style

Remember when the old boardshorts would trap sand in the liner, creating a 10lb FUPA? Thankfully brands like Billabong re-designed drawstring boardshorts with tech features like recycled polyester blended fabric for improved flex and quicker dry time.

They also detailed the Andy Davis collaboration boardshort with coconut buttons, drawcord cinch and a Bali inspired print. Perfect for a game of volleyball, mowing the lawn, or hot-doggin your local line-up.

WWMBD? Be the king of the beach in these elasto trunks, but dont forget to apply sun screen to your upper thigh. Toddland has become SWELL’s throwback specialists by perfecting retro paneling, and signature embroidery. These shorts eliminate ballooning in the water, and a must-have when its bronzing time.

The Striped Helmut shorts are the non-submersibles gaining popularity as a short to wear anywhere. From country clubs, to Kona country, this classic cinch waist walkshort looks good and feels great.

You’ve tried hybrid shorts, hi-performance pairs, then tech stretch…now get the tried-&-true style with modern features. For more elastic waist draw-string, scalloped boardshorts, like my personal favorite Moi Moi trunks (above) click here.

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December 17th, 2011 | By | 3,424 Comments

Get Physical: New Toddland Workout Kit

Need a little cardio kick start? A wee-bit-a mutilated motivation maybe? Toddland to the rescue. New at SWELL, this notorious workout duo will whip you into shape faster than a case of ephedra-soaked cotton balls. Novices need not be afraid- these little grape smugglers come in all sizes. Whether your working up a meat sweat or just kickin it like tae bo, the Toddland Workout Guru set will have your back – and a portion of your bottom as well.
Get yours here: Toddland Workout Kit

November 15th, 2011 | By | 3,437 Comments

New from Toddland Check Out New (and Undoubtedly Original) Clothing and Accessories from Toddland

Introducing…new flair from the Land o’ Todd. As expected, the new collection is filled with unexpected quirk- a Purrrrvert cat, stache’d athletic apparel, and “the Greatest Pants in the Universe.”
Our top 2 picks (because no one can choose between a majestic reindeer and respiratory-challenged puppy): the Toddland Deer Fleece and Toddland Pug sweatshirt.
See more here: Toddland Clothing

What’s your favorite new style from Toddland?