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February 3rd, 2012 | By | 8,370 Comments

Featured Photographer: Matt Kurvin (Spring Catalog 2012)

The SWELL Spring 2012 catalog features tons of coastal eye-candy from our new favorite lensman Matt Kurvin. He recently won the People’s Choice Award for Larry “Flame” Moore’s Follow the Light Foundation, sponsored by SWELL.

Since winning the award, Kurvin has published surf photography in almost every major surf periodical including, Surfing Magazine, Surfers Journal and ESPN.

Kurvin’s career path started by moving to almost every major surf center in the USA. Originally from Sarasota, Fl he moved to California in 2001, lived in Encinitas for a few years and moved to Santa Cruz in 2003. That is where he and his wife now reside.

He is currently on the North Shore of Oahu for 2 months . The opportunity for getting great photographs there has paid off during the last couple major swells, and we expect to see much of his worked circulating magazines in the coming months. Next on his global journey is France in April, and mainland Mex in August. His main goal in life is to travel as much as possible.

See more of Matt’s work here

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September 20th, 2011 | By | 3,261 Comments

Rip Curl’s New Flash Bomb Wetsuits Now Available at SWELL

Dave from Rip Curl stopped by to tell us about the innovative material used throughout their new Flash Bomb series of wetsuits. Exclusive to Rip Curl, this super soft lining dries much quicker than traditional neoprene so your suit will always be dry for your next session. You can find this special material throughout the Flash Bomb Series available at SWELL in a 3/2 suit, a 4/3 suit and a number of accessories. Check out Dave’s run down of the new suits in the video below. He gives the full on sham-wow style demonstration of this new material in action.


Suits generally dry in +/- 15 minutes…much quicker than that shabby piece of neoprene you’ve got in the back of your truck.

Click Here to get yourself one at SWELL.


August 30th, 2010 | By | 9,127 Comments

Product Showcase: Placebo Rocket

All those set waves we’d been giving away sessions past have finally paid off in pleasing the surf gods to the point of them hooking us up with golden tickets granting us access to the mysterious and strangely wonderful kingdom-cum-factory of the ever enigmatic PLACEBOMAN. Stoked out of our gourds we were as the earmuffs and paper bags were placed upon our domes for the limo ride over. When the darkness and silence at last lifted, light and sound having returned to us, there before us stood a one Mr. Rick Hazard–PLACEBOMAN’s stalwart right hand and keeper of the keys to the kingdom. He had with him, held aloft in his mighty hands, a weapon so fierce that at its mere mention a heaving 6-foot A-frame would collapse upon itself and crumble into a giant wall of mushburger. What Excalibur be this ye ask?! Behold the Placebo Rocket.

5'5" Placebo Rocket

5'5" Placebo Rocket.


What Excalibur did for dragons, this thing does for ankle to chest high waves.

Stacks o' rad.

Stacks o' rad.

Office space.

Office space.

Inferior decorating at its best.

Inferior decorating at its best.

Believe it or not, California can get heavy from time; every surfer worth his salt needs at least one gun in his quiver.

Believe it or not, California can get heavy from time; every surfer worth his salt needs at least one gun in his quiver.


Bill "Ask a Dude" Laity and Rick "Sweetie Pie" Hazard: two of the nicest, friendliest guys around. Paddle on over to their peak next time you see them out and say what up. They're always down to bro it and share some sets, especially Rick.

August 19th, 2010 | By | 4,270 Comments

Product Showcase: Catch Surf Original 54 Beater

We caught up with with our homies over at Catch Surf the other day to peep the factory and rap over the busy din of the machinery about one of the most prominent soup slayers in their line, the Original 54 Beater. We snapped a few behind the scenes photos and got some footage of Catch Surf Prez George educating Swell’s very own Bill “Ask a Dude” Laity on the finer points of radness concerning said Beater. Enjoy kiddies. We sure did

Makin' dem stringahs stick.

Makin' dem stringahs stick.


Laying a Beater down.


Don't let the longhair with the mellow demeanor fool you. No hippies here. Just all time shredders with full time jobs.

Radness stacks.

Radness stacks.


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