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May 24th, 2012 | By | 10,392 Comments

SWELL’s 13th Birthday Hook-Up and History

We’re “SWELLelebrating” our birthday this week, marking 13 years of the core-est catalog and online selections of surf/coastal gear and apparel. Since 1999, the style and loyalty of our beach-minded customers keeps us carrying more than 300 of the best brands, and we couldn’t be more stoked.

So, like a typical teenager we’re dragging out the party for week and demanding that all our friends get hooked up! We are giving you money back for every year of our existence, totaling an ultra-rare 13% off site-wide discount. Then, as the week progresses some surprise brands will announce some surf swag up for grabs.

Look back at SWELL’s surf heritage of what inspired over a decade of surf and style

May 1999: SWELL established original website
Feb: 2000: Moves to location in Orange County, Ca
Sept 2000: Acquires
Nov 2000: First catalogs hits homes
Apr 2001: SWELL XXL (Now Billabong XXL) awards record cash prize to Mike Parson’s 64ft wave
July 2001: Wins Webby awards for “Best Sports Website” beating
Oct 2002: Acquires Laguna Surf & Sport surf shops
Jan 2003: Expands assortment into all core brands: Volcom, Hurley, Quik

Nov: 2007: Named top 100 hot retail websites
Feb 2008: Move into 40,000sq ft facility in San Clemente, Ca
Aug: 2006: Awards 3rd annual $5K Larry “Flame” Moore photography grant to Todd Glasser
Jan 2009: Brand selection expands to small brands, eventually breaking 300
Nov 2009: SWELL launches Surfrider Foundation Online Store
Nov 2009: SWELL joins the Billabong family of brands and retailers
June 2010: Legendary Surf Photographer, Art Brewer becomes SWELL’s on-location photographer
Sept 2010: Employee Bill Laity makes Guinness Book for “Longest Continuous Surf Session”
Nov 2010: Jeff Divine contributes his north shore portfolio to the holiday catalog

SWELL was destined to be the world’s best online surf retailer, ever since our first catalog cover featured future 2x World Champion Mick Fanning at 16 yrs old. But it was only the beginning of our catalog eye-candy bound for soo many coffee tables and dorm-room walls.

Our culture of world class surf photography started when SURFING Mag editor Larry “Flame” Moore worked with SWELL/Surfline to add premier action sport media content to the best apparel assortment in the business. Since Flame’s passing, we continued the tradition of featuring renowned photographers to contribute their surf inspired visions in every catalog. Guest lensmen include: Jeff Hornbaker, Jason Naude,Tom Blake, Jeff Divine, Art Brewer and the finalists for the Follow the Light photography grant.


Don’t forget to redeem your 13% off your entire order with code: 13yrs at checkout, and check the promotions page for more birthday surprises.

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December 8th, 2011 | By | 3,747 Comments

Swell Promotion: 40% Off All Jackets, 2 Days Only!

Because it’s about 30 degrees at the beach right now:
For 2 days only, shop all men’s and women’s jackets at Swell and save 40%.  Use coupon code SWJAK. Hurry!  This promo ends midnight, 12/9.

Shop men’s jackets
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Swell Promotion 40% Off Jackets

November 28th, 2011 | By | 6,454 Comments

Cyber Monday Deals!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. To help heal the shopping cart wounds…some stress & storefront-free deals to ease the holiday hoopla and usher you back into the cubicle…yes, we’re speaking of Cyber Monday Deals.

As a thanks for being a SWELL customer, we’re offering a 20% off discount, site-wide! Yes, that’s SITE-WIDE! We know, we know. You’ve been waiting for this all year. So Grab that net and catch that beautiful 20% off butterfly while it’s here.

For the true fans…50% off (almost) any item on SWELL on Cyber Monday! “How does a guy like me get a deal like this,” you ask? Well sir, you share.
To claim a 50% off code:
– “LIKE” SWELL on Facebook
– Suggest SWELL’s Facebook page to your friends
– Click HERE to check how many of your friends “LIKED” SWELL. Once 20 friends accept your invite to like SWELL, you’ll be prompted to enter your email address to claim a coupon code!
– Take that code with you to the SWELL site on Cyber Monday and cash it in for some half-off goodness.

Happy Holidays


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November 25th, 2011 | By | 3,370 Comments

Black Friday Deals at SWELL!

Happy Black Friday!
A little Black Friday Deal action to cure your turkey hangover…

Facebook Deals: Get a workout for your refresh finger…we’re giving out 90% off coupon codes all day today on Facebook! The codes are limited (20 per item), and will be announced 4 times throughout the day today (from 8am-2pm PST). Click HERE for more info on how you can get one.

Not a fan of fighting for your code? Cash in on some half-off deals on some of our top-selling items. Click to shop: 50% off Black Friday Deals!

Check back soon for more Cyber Monday Deals!