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January 9th, 2012 | By | 2,498 Comments

Sean Collins Memorial Paddle Out in Huntington Beach

Thousands lined the rails of the Huntington Beach Pier like it was the finals of the US Open of Surfing. AAron Pai of Huntington Surf and Sport started the memorial service by listing Sean’s countless accomplishments from founding Surfline to working as a wave consultant on national security issues. Sean’s widespread influence were deeper than anyone imagined!

Everyone showed major appreciation for the gift of Surfline that Sean Collins founded in 1985. It was the first accurate wave forecasting model service that now sees 1.5 million monthly visitors. Legendary surfers Taylor Knox, Mike Parsons, and Brad Gerlach spoke of their special relationship with Collins, noting that his keen wave intuition gave them the knowledge necessary to track huge swells that earned them big wave awards. Stories of Sean’s love for his family and traveling in Baja California helped describe this passionate man who’s memory lives in every surfer’s pursuit of waves.

The paddle-out follows a traditional gathering of the surfing community, and this occasion may have been one of the biggest in history. (more…)

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December 20th, 2011 | By | 5,069 Comments

WaveJet Demo: First Look at the Motorized Surfboard

During an off day between the Vans World Cup and Billabong Pipemasters, we stopped by the WaveJet house at the secluded Kalewa bay to check out this new and widely talked about technology. Equipped with a Cannon 7d and Gopro Surf Hero, we asked WaveJet CEO Mike Railey to give us the run down of his motorized surfboard design. Afterwards we took some boards out for a spin and snagged some exclusive POV for you all to check out.

WaveJet Photo from SWELL's Instagram

More pics from the North Shore on our Instagram: @swelldotcom (

About the boards:

With the idea spawning from tow-in sessions years ago, Mike designed the WaveJet as a lightweight propulsion system that can fit securely into a variety of boards and virtually eliminate the need for a PWC in XXL surf. Much like a ski, the WaveJet uses brushless motors that safely suck in water from the front and expel it out the back.

Two rechargeable lithium ion batteries power the device for up to an hour and provide about 20lbs of forward thrust. A standard wall socket re-charges the batteries in 3.5 hrs.

In perspective, this board will travel faster than you can paddle over a distance, but it’s not quite fast enough to outrun waves. A small watch like device powers the 1 speed motor on and off and automatically shuts the motor off after a 10 yard radius.

At the time of our demo, the WaveJet quiver included an SUP, a big wave gun, rescue boards, longboards, shortboards, and even a little body board. We took out the longboard/SUP for filming sake, but the shortboards looked fun and ripable.The same week the local lifeguards also demoed the boards and immediately saw the lifesaving benefits of such a device. Also, days after filming this, Jamie O’Brien supposedly demoed a board and caught several 2nd reef Pipe bombs in a row. People saw him catch set after set, make otherwise unmakeable sections, and then come in frothing on his rides.

We figured this pic would cause a stir. This ones for all the haters.. and for our own amusement!

Love it or hate it, it’s here and if GMAC, Corey Lopez, and the boys on the North Shore are backing it then it’s here to stay.

What are your thoughts on the WaveJet?

November 14th, 2011 | By | 2,722 Comments

This Year’s Top 5 Surf Films – The Must Have Surfing DVD’s

With so many amateur video segments popping up all over the internet, it can be truly refreshing when you do finally stumble across a good surf flick. While I enjoy me a good browsing of Marine Layer Productions or the occasional grainy live feed from the ‘CT, there is something to be said about popping a DVD into your player and savoring a crisp, high definition production. Fortunately, this year surf video connoisseurs were able to chew on some pretty tasty video titles. From progressive to artistic and postmodern to just plain fun, here are the top 5 flicks that got us frothing and why.


1) Kai Neville – Lost Atlas:

WHY: Two words: Kai Neville. His first project Modern Collective became the undisputed must-have, cult video of modern surfing. Lost Atlas is equally, if not more, impressive than his first. For this film Kai gathered the original 6 Mod Col crew, a handful of other equally impressive surfing maniacs, and let them loose on a free surfing frenzy. The video is a cocktail of big airs and trash talking yarns set to an incredible soundtrack and stunning visuals. If you had to buy 1 DVD this year, this is it.

Of course, Lost Atlas is available at SWELL!

2) Globe Presents – Year Zero:

WHY: Mad Max meets high performance surfing? Hell yes!! Shot entirely in vivid 35mm film, this one of a kind video features Globe’s impressive surf team tearing up a gritty, post-apocalyptic world. The lifestyle scenes are subtle, yet intoxicatingly vibrant and fun. Plus who doesn’t want to watch Taj and Ceej get barreled with gorgeous ladies in the foreground? Well done Globe!

Of course, Year Zero is available at SWELL!


November 11th, 2011 | By | 3,165 Comments

Carissa Moore vs Taj Burrow in Men’s Vans Triple Crown of Surfing

The Mens world tour surfers have dreaded this day for a long time, not because they dislike female surfing, but they fear them as competitors. The womens tour surfers have closed the talent gap in the last two years, and the men fear to be the first to fall to a female.

With Carrissa claiming the women’s world title and officially clocked as the fastest surfer on either tour, she looks primed to make history. Carrissa competed against men at trestles a couple years ago, and got smoked by Adriano and Shane Beschen. But now she’s on her home turf with the pride of Hawaii on her shoulders.

Taj drew Carissa in the first round of the Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa, and he’s already hearing the heckles from fellow WT bros, but he respects the reality of defeat “It’s an awful thought losing to a girl! But she hangs the tail out most turns. If I were to lose to a girl a few years ago I’d be super freaked, but Carissa definitely rips.”

Watch tomorrow live during the Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa. The way she’s been ripping, dont be suprised to see her steal the whole Vans Triple Crown.

Read the entire press release an Carissa’s Triple Crown campaign