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April 6th, 2009 | By | 2,552 Comments

Carissa Moore Makes History With Surfer Mag Cover


Throughout Surfer Magazine’s illustrious multi-decade history, only a handful of women have been featured on the cover. To put it mildly, this is a VERY big deal for both Carissa and the sport of women’s surfing. At just 16, Carissa has shattered records, nabbed unprecedented sponsorship deals, and is currently saddled with lofty world title expectations. At such a young age, it’s safe to say that no other professional female surfer has ever felt as much pressure to perform.

To see how far the coverage of women’s surfing has come, check out the past Surfer Magazine covers after the jump.


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March 7th, 2009 | By | 865 Comments

Day Two of the Roxy Pro Gold Coast



It looks as if my (I mean, the media’s) hype about the youngsters on tour is right on target.

I feel like the tour has taken a breath of fresh air this year: The rookies and veterans are definitely pushing each other to progress their surfing. Day two brought heats to remember, with the heat of the day going to Silvana Lima and Coco Ho—the queen of aerials and proud owner of this week’s only perfect 10, versus the on-fire Hawaiian rookie. And, drum roll please, after a six-minute judge’s delay, Coco Ho took the win to prove she’s a force to be reckoned with. After defeating Rebecca Woods in the following round, Ho made it through to the semis where she’ll face fellow islander Melanie Bartels. It looks as if Coco is mastering this whole competition thing… (more…)

February 3rd, 2009 | By | 1,529 Comments



Final score: Swell – 10, 384, 222. Everyone else: 0.

This week’s launch of our new Surf Gallery series tees marks yet another monumentous occasion, proving Swell is indeed the world’s premier surf shop. (I think we’ve been saying that since day 1, but now we say it with a lot more conviction.) Partnering with the famed Surf Gallery in Laguna Beach, we’re featuring the works of some of their most prolific artists on limited runs of highly sought after t-shirts. Renowned artists include: Harry Daily, Koji Toyoda, Julie Goldstein and Scott Richards.

In the upcoming weeks we’ll be profiling each artist, but I’d like to start with Harry Daily—being that I still owe him $30 for two signed posters I stole from him 12 years ago. (more…)

January 22nd, 2009 | By | 2,603 Comments



Quiksilver is pleased to announce “Clay Marzo: Just Add Water” took home the award for Best Biography at the X-DANCE Action Sports Film Festival, Tuesday night in Salt Lake City. Screenings for X-DANCE took place between Friday, January 15 and Monday, January 19. Over 40 films were selected for showings, out of hundreds of film submissions. A big congratulation goes out to the film’s director, Jamie Tierney, executive producer Strider Wasilewski, and star Clay Marzo. A huge thanks goes out to Adam Klevin, Chris Bryan, Shaun Peterson, Kemp Curley, Natas Kaupas, Bob McKnight and Jill Marzo for helping to make the film a great success.

“Just Add Water” is an action-packed surf film that tells Clay Marzo’s inspirational story about the gifts and challenges of living with Asperger’s syndrome. Like other kids growing up on the island of Maui, Clay Marzo lived in the waves. His pure love of the ocean along with his natural talent allowed him to excel to new heights, pushing the limits again and again. A member of Quiksilver’s elite Young Guns crew, his spontaneous, unpredictable and creative style has earned him three NSSA National surfing titles. His role in “Just Add Water” won him Best Male Performance at the 2008 SURFER Magazine Poll and Video Awards.

The DVD costs $29.95 and includes fresh tracks from Cornelius, Pinback, Chromeo, The Beastie Boys, Sea Wolf, MGMT &The Vines, among others. A portion of proceeds goes to benefit Surfer’s Healing, a Foundation for Autism.