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January 22nd, 2011 | By | 5,679 Comments

We Know What You’re NOT Doing This Weekend…

That’ just frightening. Billy– I think this guy just double dog dared you.

Read about the LED surfboard HERE

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December 15th, 2010 | By | 1,850 Comments

NOW. Movie Premiere on

NOW. by Riley Blakeway

Check out the movie premiere of Chippa Wilson’s newest flick, a film by Riley Blakeway playing live all day on

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Get Billy to the Beach for his Guinness Record Challenge

get billy to the beach

If surfing 24hours+ wasn’t hard enough, Bill needs to overcome many obstacles before attempting his world record session. Luckily you’re here to help! Navigate Billy past killer roosters and deadly spikes to get him to the beach.

Collect the baster cannon to juice his feathery foes into delicious Thanksgiving turkeys! But, be careful one touch from these birds leaves Billy dead on the floor instantly. Collect Bill’s favorite snack to earn points and try to keep ol’ “Ask A Dude” high and dry on stable ground. Good luck! You get 15 chances before Bill is fish food.

Click the game with your mouse to start playing:

ARROW KEYS – Move/Jump
SPACEBAR – Shoot (You can only shoot after you collect the baster cannon)
CTRL – Karate Chop

Number of lives/points collected is displayed at the top right in black

***If you get hit by a rooster or loose all 15 of your lives you will have to reload the entire page to play again. This is one of the bugs from posting the game in a blog post.. there may be others, but enjoy! (Sorry this game may not work with certain web browsers)

Check back for updates on Bill’s world record attempt. He will be attempting to set the record for longest continuous surf session in the ocean at the Huntington Pier (south side) starting at 7:00am PST Saturday, November 20th. Leave your comments and show your support… Bill needs all the help he can get to over come hydropsycosis or anything else Poseidon might throw his way

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Malibu: World’s First Surfing Reserve. Come Celebrate Saturday, Oct 9

Save the Waves Coalition, Surfrider, and Billabong officially declare Malibu a Surfing Reserve, part of a global effort to protect iconic surf-spots. SWELL caught up with Chairman of Surfrider West-La/Malibu, Drew Albenze to figure out just what a “Surfing Reserve” means.

SWELL: What is a Surfing Reserve and Why Malibu?

Drew: World Surfing Reserves (WSR) proactively identifies, designates and preserves outstanding waves, surf zones and their surrounding environments, around the world. The program will create a global network of designated surfing reserves that are internationally and regionally recognized.

Malibu’s Surfrider beach is an iconic break. Despite its pop status as the epitome of Southern California surf culture, it is being threatened. This distinction provides recognition by international surfing and environmental communities, as well as the general public – uniting them in protecting this iconic surf zone.

One Down, 8587 To Go

One Down, 8587 To Go

What kind of threats are these iconic surf spots facing
The threats are multi-faceted and include (among other things) coastal development, urban runoff, and lack of proper education about our watersheds. All of these factors threaten the integrity, safety, and quality of our waves.

Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to protecting our oceans, waves, and beaches through activism, education, conservation, and research. Partnering with Save the Waves Coalition was a natural fit for us, and we are inspired to have the very first WSR dedication in our backyard!

What kind of Festivities are planned for Saturday’s Dedication?

The events for the dedication start with a sunrise paddle out at 7am to celebrate. All are welcome. The dedication ceremony kicks off at 11am on the sand. Key partners, including Surfrider Foundation West Los Angeles / Malibu Chapter and the local stewardship council, will be on hand.
A fundraiser/celebration is also planned for 7pm at Duke’s Malibu featuring the music of John Swift.

What other destinations are on the list to become Surfing Reserve?

Thats a question that the people at Save the Waves constantly re-evaluate. Check their website for a look at their agenda

Thanks for all your hard work protecting our aquatic playgrounds. Anything else we should know about this or any other happenings in your zone?

Thanks! We appreciate the support from partners like Swell.
Surfrider Foundation West Los Angeles / Malibu chapter would particularly like to highlight our recent victory on September 22, 2010 when The CA State Water Board voted unanimously (5 – 0) to approve the septic prohibition in the Malibu Civic Center Area. This is the culmination of a multi-decade effort and huge win for improved water quality.

We are also currently running education based programs in the LA area, including Ocean Friendly Gardens and Rise Above Plastics
We continually recruit new activists to strengthen our efforts and always in need of volunteers!

Finally, we are planning a fun Halloween themed fundraising event on Friday Oct 29th to benefit the fight to save the Gaviota Coast – which is also being threatened by development. Please check our website for details on all this and more

Join the fun in style by picking up your Surfrider Membership Tee-Shirt right here at SWELL.