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June 25th, 2008 | By | 4,200 Comments


Koby Abberton

(Written by Elizabeth Park for Foam)

Mark Whalberg is slated to play Koby Abberton in the Hollywood biopic Bra Boys, due out next summer (produced by Brian Grazer and directed by Russell Crowe). Whalberg wishes he were as cool as Koby. The upcoming film, and documentary of the same name, (released last year to film festivals, and coming out on DVD in early May), is the story of the Australian Maroubra beach gang known as the Bra Boys, led by Sunny Abberton and his brothers Koby and Jai. Since the doc’s release, their notorious tale-tragic, heroic, complicated- has been sensationalized by the media and fans alike, and repudiated by local police. (more…)

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