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With seven ASP world titles, countless victories, and the place as the most successful female professional surfer ever, Layne Beachley finally passed on the torch in October of this year. To celebrate her lifetime of accomplishments and her recent engagement to long time boyfriend Kirk Pengilly, friends, family and industry supporters hosted a tear-inducing and bubbly-popping surprise celebration for Layne this past week.  Known for being one of the most prominent cataylsts for the advancement of women’s pro surfing, there was no shortage of surfers and friends to show their support at the Waimea gala.  Included in the guest list were fellow World Champions and friends Lisa Anderson (4x World Champ),  Sofia Mulonovich (1x World Champ), and Stephanie Gilmore (current 2x World Champ), who all dipped their straws in the cocktail-filled ASP world title cup.

To add to the smiles and overall jolly and sentimental mood of the night were the guest’s Layne costumes. The theme of the night was “dress like Layne.” This exploded into a mélange of Oakley and Zinc-faced, bandaged (from the famous fin accident in Japan circa 97’), big bikini-bottomed Layne look-alikes who took the opportunity to add some good-hearted roast-worthy moments to the night’s events. To top off the night, Layne received some great gifts, including a special Pipeline book from Sean Collins and the folks at Surfline in which all the guests from the evening signed. (more…)

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You probably won’t recognize his name, but you certainly know his handy work. Not to mention, Mother Ocean likes to think of him as her prodigal son. Meet Olaf Lohr, the main man behind Surfrider’s stellar membership drive.

Whenever you see a Surfrider sticker, email or newsletter, Olaf is the one who’s directing the creative distribution. As Membership Manager, O is on the hook for securing new members and keeping current one’s happy. So as you would imagine, much of his job is handshakes and smiles—and action sports loves him for it! Originally from Chemnitz, Germany, O hit Orange County in the late 90’s when he worked for a dot comer that provided technical support to Surfrider. After meeting the crew and volunteering at a few of their fundraisers, a position emerged that had O’s name written all over it. Already aware of his hard work ethic, Surfrider eagerly welcomed him aboard. (Which further proves what we’ve been saying all along: internships/volunteering = open doors.) (more…)

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winner Todd Glaser


In light of the dwindling economy, there are still a few lucky (not to mention innovative and amazingly talented) buggers that got a shot at the mother load of breaks at Thurday’s Follow the Light Award ceremony. Follow the Light Foundation (FTL) was created in 2005 in honor of Larry “Flame” Moore. After nearly 3 years of battling brain cancer, the legendary surf photographer and photo editor of Surfing Magazine passed, leaving behind this foundation to help finance the dreams of surf photographers.

On the line this year were $5,000 clams and a coveted opportunity to go on a trip with the Surfing Magazine crew. We can only imagine that this trip will include the best surfers in a location the rest of us only dream about. But the paper doesn’t come without the chasin’. In addition to the contestants’ undeniable talent, they were required to submit essays that covered their passion for surf photography to proposals for what they would accomplish with the grant money. The competition was tough this year with over 60 entries, but it was narrowed down to these 5 lucky finalists:


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Koby Abberton

(Written by Elizabeth Park for Foam)

Mark Whalberg is slated to play Koby Abberton in the Hollywood biopic Bra Boys, due out next summer (produced by Brian Grazer and directed by Russell Crowe). Whalberg wishes he were as cool as Koby. The upcoming film, and documentary of the same name, (released last year to film festivals, and coming out on DVD in early May), is the story of the Australian Maroubra beach gang known as the Bra Boys, led by Sunny Abberton and his brothers Koby and Jai. Since the doc’s release, their notorious tale-tragic, heroic, complicated- has been sensationalized by the media and fans alike, and repudiated by local police. (more…)