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Featured Photographer: Jeff Hornbaker (Summer Catalog 2012)

SWELL UNVEILS THE SUMMER 2012 CATALOG FEATURING PHOTGRAPHY FROM SURFING VISIONARY JEFF HORNBAKER –Forefather of modern surf photography contributes museum quality imagery and interpretations to SWELL’s latest publication.

San Clemente, CA – In an ongoing campaign to spotlight surfing’s best lensmen, SWELL partnered with Jeff Hornbaker, who focused this collaboration on the universal allure of the ocean. Jeff elaborates on each picture with the worldly accounts that inspired his subjects. He gives subscribers a departure from mainstream surfing with a more spiritual approach to destinations like Indonesia, and the west side of Oahu.

“With summer upon the Northern Hemisphere, the Northern Hemisphere, the ocean will team up with the sun and attract people from all walks of life to her shore. The movement of the waters will caress the ankles of the meek, the knees of the pensive, and the bodies of the bold.” Jeff Hornbaker describes the early summer sensation in the forward of the catalog.

Jeff traveled the globe for 30 years evolving his unique perspective that caught the eye of Larry Flame Moore at Surfing Magazine. There, Hornbaker became one of the world’s most talented surf photographers, and helped Surfing propel the young magazine into the forefront of surf media.

The throwback feel of the photography compliments the summer trends of the top brands in surf apparel. Michael Nutt explains his decision to work with Jeff. “I knew Jeff would give us a break from the exclusive nature of surfing. His photos celebrate the universal sense of fulfillment that anybody can receive from the ocean. His captions read like lyrics to a song”.

The current trends in surf apparel draws on classic color-ways and designs from the days when Hornbaker’s work regularly graced magazine covers, making this issue a must-have magazine for every surfer’s coffee table.

Free subscriptions to the SWELL catalog is available here.
See the digital issue version here.

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Surfing Magazine: Surf and Swimsuit Preview -June 2012 Issue

With today’s 24-hour action sports news cycle, note worthy swells and sessions literally come and go with the tide. That’s why we love the video trailers for Surfing’s monthly issues. These behind the scenes looks at the upcoming issue gets us re-psyched on Dorian’s recent Mavericks monsters, a potential Kolohe vs. John John rivalry and the highly anticipated sophomore campaign of Julian Wilson.

As an annual bonus, the June issue includes the Swimsuit edition, featuring the hottest models and swimsuits seen at SWELL. Enjoy your sneak peak into the making of Surfing’s latest patch of eye candy.

Pipe’s prodigal son, John John Florence has dominated covers and contest for the past 16 months. Thankfully SWELL is stocked with the tools behind his trick to landing yet another cover. Get his boardshorts, deckpad and fins at SWELL, and surprise yourself with little gear changes that make big differences is your surfing.

Our friends at Surfing Magazine had no complaints about shooting the 2012 Swimsuit edition on the North Shore of Oahu this winter. Sydney and Natazha put on a clinic for strutting the beach like a goddess in the hottest bikinis on the market. This year’s cover shot featured the Tyler Rose OHWAHANIGHT cut, and other flattering looks from Mikoh and Bubululu available at SWELL

surfing swimsuit edition

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Follow The Light -Apply for a $5K Surf Photography Grant

Attention Surf Photographers! The Follow The Light Foundation is now accepting applications for the 7th annual $5,000 grant in memory of legendary surf photographer Larry “Flame” Moore.

The grant recognizes and celebrates promising photographers with the vision and dedication that honors Flame’s legacy.  He was a mentor, pioneer and editor of SURFING magazine for over 30 years.  We have seen finalists from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and FTLF encourages anyone with a passion for surf photography to enter.

SWELL proudly sponsors the seventh straight year of this exciting showcase that always wows the high-profile attendees . The ceremony takes place during the US Open of Surfing, attracting captains of the surf industry seeking young talent for their brands and magazines.

Past winners of the grant continue to inspire and prosper. 2011 recipient Duncan McFarlane is now a staff photographer for SURFING Magazine. Recipients Morgan Maassen and Todd Glaser are SURFER staffers and considered among the surf world’s freshest eyes.  2007 winner Matt Clark is a professional photographer based in New York, specializing in fine art surf, travel and documentary photography.

Winners (L to R) Todd Glasser, Duncan Macfarland and Morgan Maasen

Matt Kurvin, the 2011 SWELL People’s Choice Award winner is now widely published in Surfline, SWELL’s Catalog, ESPN, Fuel TV and more. Listen to how becoming a FTLF finalist fast-tracked his career here.

The application period ends April 13.  You must be present to accept your award on the evening when emceed Aaron Chang presents the portfolios from each finalist. For information about applying for the Follow The Light Foundation, visit

Check out winners and more from last year’s awards ceremony here


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Top Tweets of the Week: Happy Friday the 13th

Enjoy another dose of surf speak being flung around this week in twitter-land. This Friday the 13th list celebrates the odd-balls of the industry, and those who encourage getting weird on the job.

Uh oh… It’s Friday the 13th! Stay away from black cats, evil knock-offs and be sure to wear your lucky Sanuks…
Sanuk Footwear

Our friends Sanuk recommend to fend off phonies with some fresh footwear. Take it from Rae at Sanuk, she’s got “sole”

Going on another swimsuit issue shoot Wednesday so I’m gonna have to look at more of this for a week.
Jimmy Wilson

Fan of fashion or not, the guys at Surfing Mag have an eye for aesthetics. Follow @Jimmicane for an opinionated trek around the globe. Thanks for Sharing Jimmy

it used to be a bad thing to have crabs! Allow me to introduce the newest crab to the planet…The Hoff Crab!
David Hasselhoff

It’s Hofficial, Mitch Bucannon has Crabs! C.J. you better get checked

Volcom Oz & Nz

Sloppy hook-ups, dosing the baked goods, top-shelfing…please share your stories with us too. And maybe we’ll share our after party involving a very phallic beer bong.

Send your “lifes better” Instagram shots to”> to raise money for @ #lifesbetterinboardshorts

Sharing is caring. Send Billbong a photo of some beachy dream scene, and they’ll donate $1 in your honor.

I can assure you this guy is getting weird on this Friday the 13th. Not really sure what Hoyo is saying here about a Zoo, but nothing much makes sense when you party with the legend Matt Hoy. Is that Parko in the purple wig? So if you jump on the Hoyo party train, prepare to time-travel into the seventh ring of hard rocking shit-head ripper land. Trust me.

Happy Friday the the 13th. Follow @Swelldotcom