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Deus ex Machina Clothing

Deus ex Machina clothing is a temple of enthusiasm for nostalgic dudes who refuse to accept that the dog-days are over. This custom motorcycle building, surfboards shaping company didn’t start making shirts just to make make money, people demanded they share a little piece of the culture of creativity that they established in Australia.

Their “new old classic tees” are the perfect example of action inspired apparel. The motto of the Deus headquarters in Sydney Australia is ‘run-what-you-brung”  encouraging street-honest lifestyles.

These Aussies aren’t afraid of getting bush-whacked or road rash in their pursuit of solid surf and good times. Oh ya, and it’s pronounced “Day-us”

Shop DEUS here

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Roark Revival -Behind the Brand

What is Roark? A brand inspired by bar-fights and seashells. If you’ve ever visited Hussongs in Ensenada Mexico, you’d understand. The guys who created this brand are well-respected hombres in the surf industry, and they’ve brought a fresh mix of Truth, Loyalty and Roots back to the game.

Check out a behind-the-scenes look at Roark’s rootsy operation out of Laguna Beach, Ca.

Unlike other tired tee-shirt companies who slap on a surf doodle and expect respect, Roark designs are inspired by the artifacts gathered during legit surf journeys, concerts, and legendary dude-cruises.

Volume 2 of the Roark wanderlust took us south of the border where the spring collection found inspiration from theives, muses, hippies and hallucinations. Check out the line and stay tuned for more meandering tales from Roark.