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January 13th, 2012 | By | 6,737 Comments

Top Tweets of the Week: Happy Friday the 13th

Enjoy another dose of surf speak being flung around this week in twitter-land. This Friday the 13th list celebrates the odd-balls of the industry, and those who encourage getting weird on the job.

Uh oh… It’s Friday the 13th! Stay away from black cats, evil knock-offs and be sure to wear your lucky Sanuks…
Sanuk Footwear

Our friends Sanuk recommend to fend off phonies with some fresh footwear. Take it from Rae at Sanuk, she’s got “sole”

Going on another swimsuit issue shoot Wednesday so I’m gonna have to look at more of this for a week.
Jimmy Wilson

Fan of fashion or not, the guys at Surfing Mag have an eye for aesthetics. Follow @Jimmicane for an opinionated trek around the globe. Thanks for Sharing Jimmy

it used to be a bad thing to have crabs! Allow me to introduce the newest crab to the planet…The Hoff Crab!
David Hasselhoff

It’s Hofficial, Mitch Bucannon has Crabs! C.J. you better get checked

Volcom Oz & Nz

Sloppy hook-ups, dosing the baked goods, top-shelfing…please share your stories with us too. And maybe we’ll share our after party involving a very phallic beer bong.

Send your “lifes better” Instagram shots to”> to raise money for @ #lifesbetterinboardshorts

Sharing is caring. Send Billbong a photo of some beachy dream scene, and they’ll donate $1 in your honor.

I can assure you this guy is getting weird on this Friday the 13th. Not really sure what Hoyo is saying here about a Zoo, but nothing much makes sense when you party with the legend Matt Hoy. Is that Parko in the purple wig? So if you jump on the Hoyo party train, prepare to time-travel into the seventh ring of hard rocking shit-head ripper land. Trust me.

Happy Friday the the 13th. Follow @Swelldotcom

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Movember x SWELL -Share, Support, Like, and Win! Join SWELL in supporting mens' health & win some prizes while you're at it

Movember kicks off today with a global shave-off followed by a month of “mo” growing to spread prostate cancer awareness. SWELL and our mo-bros and sistas in the surf industry are letting it grow all month, and putting the “fun” in fundraising. SWELL has pledged to donate $1 for every moustache posted to our Facebook wall in an effort to maximize awareness through public displays of moustachery.

SWELL and Sanuk will reward the staches with the most likes, and other inspiring “mos”. Prizes include a pair of Sanuk Chills Sidewalk Surfers, SWELL gift-cards, and eternal glory. No mo? No problem. Swell includes a finger-stache tattoo in every November order so you can still throw on a mo and get that donation in your honor. We also threw in a 15% off discount code for an extra incentive to get involved.

Follow these steps to get your mo on:
1. Let it grow, or put on a faux-mo
2. Post your mo to and SWELL donates $1 in your honor
3. Get your friends to “like” your mo-photo once it is re-posted in the Movember album
5. Win tons of prizes including the Sanuk Chills
6. Want to do more? Donate directly at Swell’s Movember Headquarters

Movember PSA