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July 2nd, 2013 | By | 1,999 Comments

Shark Hoax Hits San Clemente

Shark Week hysteria hit San Clemente a month early, with a sighting sign that thinned out the crowded SC beachbreaks. With warm waters, summer vacationers, the black ball, and over-hyped swells, the waves are a war-zone and local pranksters are fighting back.


The State Parks sign appeared on a San Clemente City Beach (flaw #1) yesterday 6/1 near the pier, and though looked legit, had misspelled Calafia and errors unlike official warnings.

SCLG Supervisor seemed to take the hoax lightly, commenting “We surmise that someone might have taken a picture of that sign, Photoshopped it a little and added their own warning to fit their desires. Gotta give ‘em credit for creativity. They even cited sections from the Public Resources Code.”

This doesn’t mean whitey isn’t out there though. Chuck Patterson captured a baby white tail-whip with his GoPro 3 summers ago while SUPing in San Clemente.

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March 21st, 2013 | By | 124 Comments

The Best Tacos in San Clemente Guest Gastro-Blogger Hits Our Home Turf in Search of the Best Surf Grinds

DestinationTaco x San ClementeThis is Episode 2 of Destination Taco: a town-to-town expedition of all things cradled in a tortilla and known as a taco. Our second stop brings us to San Clemente – where SWELL has home-field advantage in a town packed with tacos so delicious, I considered moving there. Seriously. I literally fell in love with tacos. Multiple times.  As always, I will be rating and awarding each experience accordingly on a scale of 1-5 Cleavers. So let’s get started in this surfside paradise of taco perfection.


Bull Taco San Clemente
Bull Taco has only called San Clemente home for 4 months and hit the ground running with an impressive and affordable menu and atmosphere. I won’t even bother trying to describe this place – it’s just awesome.

  • Choice of the Day: Duck, Vegetarian, and Shrimp Bacon Chorizo
  •        -Best Choice: The Shrimp Bacon Chorizo brings the term “mouthgasm” to mind.
  •        -Tortilla/Toppings: The tortillas are buttery and toppings are brilliantly thought out.
  • Salsa Bar: No salsa bar but they’ve got a great selection of carefully crafted hot sauces
  • Perfect Pairing: Pacifico (on draft).
  • Suggested Dress Code: Like I said. Laid back: boardshortsbikinis, & graphic tees
  • Wait: Nothing more than a few minutes, if that.
  • Taco Tuesday/Happy Hour: Changing the game with Taco Thursday – $1 tacos/$2 beers.

Verdict: This is not some kind of Taco Shop turned test lab. The flavors are carefully crafted and compliment each other beautifully. Hell, even the Vegetarian was good and I hate all that stuff.  Simply said, this place will leave you excited to come back again and again.


November 7th, 2012 | By | 820 Comments

AMBSN 2012 Holiday Style

Take a hike with the CA boys at AMBSN from the high desert to the beaches of San Clemente.
With new-age bomber jackets to colored slacks, fresh trends are afoot and available at SWELL.

So it’s time to step up your style whether you’re a sidewalk surfer, cafe racer, underground rocker, or whatever… just stay clear of those kookie cutter looks, and get AMBSN.

May 22nd, 2012 | By | 2,016 Comments

New Beaters from Catch Surf

Ever wondered what summer smells like? The crew at Catch Surf knows, and their all new Beaters are essential for capturing the “essence” of summertime fun! Splash on some of this cologne, grab your Beater and head to the beach cause it’s sumertimmeeeee!

Enjoy the sexy sense of humor from the San Clemente shredders at Catch Surf.

Check out the new boards and threads from Catch Surf.

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